Artifact Card Set and Deck Code APIs

We’re 19 short days from Artifact’s release, but already the community has been busy creating a variety of tools to support the game. Every time we see one of these community creations pop up, whether it’s a draft simulator or a deck builder or even a personality quiz, the Artifact team is blown away by your ingenuity, and the excitement is contagious.

We want to help.

In order to support the community’s efforts, today we’re opening some public APIs for those building tools. There are two components to this:
  • The CardSet WebAPI supports direct retrieval of all images and text for all cards as they are released.

  • The deck code API and source, viewable on GitHub, will make it easier for players and community sites to share deck codes. Any valid deck code can be pasted directly into the client or viewed online in our online deck viewer.
We hope the release of these APIs will not only empower tools creators, but will also make it easier for all players to share exciting new decks and theorycraft new ideas. The team is constantly inspired by the work done by the community, and we look forward to seeing what creations you unleash on the world, both on the 28th and in the years to come.