Answer The Call
Sorla Khan’s Red Mist horde marches on Stonehall, and only the Legion Commander and her army stands in their way. Meanwhile, the spark of revolution has ignited in Roseleaf, and powerful Ancients have begun to amass an army of their own. Four forces are about to collide. Which side will you choose?
Discover the tactics, triumphs and treachery that led to the Battle of Roseleaf. Read the comic now!

The Call to Arms Card Set
With over 280 total cards in the Call to Arms set, the possibilities are almost endless. Only you can decide what combination will lead you to victory. Below are a few sample cards from the set.
Item - Weapon
Bringer of Conquest Passive Ability
The random allied Melee Creeps are deployed into Kanna's lane.
Item - Weapon
Efficient Killer Passive Ability
Phantom Assassin deals +4 damage when attacking a hero.
Phantom Assassin
Relentless Rebel Passive Ability
Rix has Rapid Deployment.
The different card types in Artifact
Main Deck Cards
A hero is a unit that allows you to play cards of its color in its lane. A hero can equip items.
A creep is a non-hero unit. Unlike a hero, a creep cannot equip items, and does not return to play after it is killed.
A spell is a card that has a one-time effect and is then removed from the game. Spells deal damage, modify objects in play temporarily or permanently, summon units, or draw cards.
An improvement is a card that has a permanent effect on a tower. Improvements are cross lane cards.
Item Cards
A type of item that is equipped in a hero's weapon slot. All weapons increase a hero's Attack.
A type of item that is equipped in a hero's accessory slot. All accessories increase a hero's Health.
A type of item that is equipped in a hero's armor slot. All armors increase a hero's Armor.
A type of item that is not equipped and is played during the action phase like a spell.

Featured Gauntlet
Run the Call to Arms Gauntlet with one of six powerful pre-constructed decks in our first featured event. How long can you keep your winning streak alive? And stay tuned: new decks will join the Gauntlet on Thursday, December 13th.
Death and Taxes
Death is merely a gateway to power.
Your deck thrives off of death—your opponent’s or your own. Use Track to increase your rival's bounty 3 fold, then pour your wealth into Revtel Convoys. Use macabre creatures like Ravenous Mass to consume your allies in an effort to become as unstoppable as death itself. Finally, your ability to Cheat Death means your minions will be willing to offer themselves to Lich again, and again, and again.
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Green Machine
Steamroll your opponent with raw power.
Accelerate your mana to summon gigantic Thunderhides. Protect your forces from destruction with Cheating Death. Build up your troops with Mists of Avernus. Subtlety is for the weak. And you are not weak.
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Trench Warfare
Master combat with ruthless efficiency.
Combat isn’t clean, and you’re the dirtiest. Wound your opponent with Fury Swipes and weaken them with Corrosive Skin. Use Clear the Deck and Grand Melee to spread your poison on offense and defense. If they manage to break through to your tower, Burning Oil and Unearthed Secrets will punish them for having the indignity to attack you. Then, when the time is right, you will make them bear witness to your Time of Triumph.
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Become a god among heroes.
Grow your size and power to unimaginable levels. With Rising Anger and Heroic Resolve even the most minor of actions fuels your ascendance to godhood. No one can match you on the battlefield, and you smash any and all improvements your foes may hide behind. When the time is right, blow a hole through enemy lines with Duel or Primal Roar... and crush their towers in a single blow.
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Out of Control
Go berserk, because the sky’s not your limit—nothing is.
Hey, it’s your ol’ pal Meepo here. I know those other decks want you to mess with stuff like Thunderhides and Robots... but you don’t need any of that. You know what you need? Meepo. Lots and lots of Meepo. But why stop there? Enemy have an item you like? Make a copy of it. Got a blue spell that’s gonna make your opponent’s life hell? Ogre Magi can make a copy of it.
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Upkeep Killer
Your enemy can’t win if they never get a turn.
Stand back and build layer upon layer of damage with Conflagration and March of the Machines. Use Ignite and Keenfolk Turret to crack their armor. Your constant stream of damage is as relentless as the tide, and rival armies cannot help but be swept away. In the end, only your forces will remain to watch their towers fall at the hands of your Trebuchets and Artillery.
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Go head-to-head with custom decks from your own collection, or level the playing field with pre-constructed decks from the Call to Arms event. You can even show off your creativity by sharing a deck from your own collection that your friend can use against you, whether they own the cards or not. And with Open Play, alerting friends or people in your Steam Group Chats that you are looking for a match is as easy as clicking a button.
Tournament Play
Tournaments give friends and strangers alike a chance to experience Artifact in exciting new ways. Want to create a tournament that only uses common cards? Or maybe set up a draft tournament where players can build unique tournament-specific decks? There are many ways to customize your tournaments, with even more flexibility to come.
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